City Pass in New York: Save A Bundle

With ticket prices to individual museums in New York City running a bit steep, check out City Pass. The Metropolitan Museum of Art has just been added to the line-up to sweeten the offer. The pass saves you more than half-price if you purchased the tickets individually and you have nine days from the time you first use it to see each of the sites.

With a City Pass in NYC you can also see:

  • Empire State Building Observatory (lets you get that famous view from up top.)
  • Circle Line Tours (boat tour completely around Manhattan. I did this as a kid. You find out a lot about NYC history and get a wonderful view of the Statue of Liberty. )
  • MoMA (The Museum of Modern Art. I absolutely love this place. A cup of coffee here will not totally break your budget and the cafes are scattered in a few places since the remodeling)
  • American Museum of Natural History and Rose Center (Having a pass will help you avoid long summer lines I imagine.)
  • Guggenheim Museum. (Worth the visit for the architecture alone and with its location next to Central Park, makes it a good tie in to some outdoor action.)

To add in another attraction for just a little extra money, spring for the admission to the Central Park Zoo and the close by Central Park Carousel.

To really make your City Pass a bargain, walk from the Guggenheim to the Empire State Building. The Guggenheim is on 5th Avenue at 89th St. We went to the Guggenheim by mistake on the day it was closed (Thursday) and decided to walk back to my brother’s place. He lives near 2nd Avenue and 14th Street. I actually was meeting a friend at Penn Station. My husband kept walking. Seeing the distinct flavors of the architecture, the variety of things for sale–and the range of people we passed by was a fun morning all by itself, and that didn’t cost a dime.