Animated Knots

As a Boy Scout, I learned a great deal about getting by in the outdoors. I can make an excellent fire (though I have discovered that it is always easier to start one with white gas and a match than with two sticks). I can pitch a tent and put together a kick ass camping breakfast. I also know a few knots. Need a granny done to bind those two pieces of rope. Hey, I’m your man.

But seriously, I know a couple of knots and used to know more. But when I took a look at this site, I realized that not only do I know fewer knots that I thought, I realized I anted to know more. And so I clicked around on this excellent site that not only animates the tying of numerous knots, but also allows you to click through the frames of the sequence one by one to build your own knot tying prowess. From the Rolling Hitch to the Double Overhead Stopper, the knots here will keep you busy for hours and can make for a fine way to pass the time if, say, you’re roommate or significant other is watching your least favorite TV show right now.