Eating your way Through the Ethnic Neighborhoods of Los Angeles

One of the great things about living in Los Angeles is that one can travel the world without ever leaving home.

A recent LA Times article by Cynthia Dea and Jessica Gelt explores this very concept–from a culinary point of view.

Like many big cities, Los Angeles has its share of ethnic pockets where those from far off lands congregate to live and eat.

Perhaps the city in which you live has its own China Town, for example. Well, Los Angeles has its own China Town, as well as its own Korea Town, Thai Town, Taiwanese Town, and so many more.

The World on a Platter focuses on just four such areas and the very best restaurants that each has to offer.

Taiwanese Town: located in the city of San Gabriel
Little India: located in the city of Artesia–home to “the second-largest Indian and Pakistani population in the U.S.”
Japanese Town: located in the city of Gardena
Ethiopia Town: Between Olympic and Pico boulevards in West Los Angeles. Yep, there are about eight Ethiopian restaurants all within a block of each other on Fairfax Avenue. Where else in the world are you going to find this? Other than Ethiopia, of course.