Expedition to the Center of the World…Through the “North Pole Opening”! Wha?

Next spring, Kentucky-based physicist/ futurist Brooks Agnew will clamber aboard the Russian icebreaker Yamal in the port of Murmansk and sail into the polar sea just beyond Canada’s Arctic islands. He and his team of support crew are planning what they call “the greatest geological expedition in history.”

Is this vending-machine visionary searching for Arctic oil reserves? Will this green energy savior be hunting for evidence of climate change? Nope. He and a team of 100 fellow explorers will be seeking a fog-shrouded hole in the Arctic Ocean that leads to the center of the Earth, where he believes a civilization of at least 8 major races and 200 minor races is living inside the Earth.

According to Agnew, “Everest has been climbed a hundred times. The Titanic has been scanned from stem to stern. [But] this is the first and only expedition to the North Pole opening ever attempted.”

The idea of a hollow earth is thousands of years old. Over time, many people — from Sir Edmond Halley, to Athanasius Kircher, to David Standish — have pushed this theory. Essentially, Agnew argues that the earth has two undiscovered openings — holes near each of the poles — that connect the outer Earth with an interior realm. You can see a picture of one opening here and get more details about the openings here.

While he insists the journey has a genuine scientific purpose, Mr. Agnew says the expedition will include experts in meditation, mythology, and UFOs, as well as a team of documentary filmmakers. If you’re interested in going, there is an application process to complete, but if you’re successful, the trip is free. If you want to learn more about Agnew before you complete the application, check out this interview.

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