Dalí’s Spain in Detail

I don’t know what it is about Spain that attracts artists with bizarre, revolutionary designs, but Picasso, Gaudi, and Dalí all fell in love with this wonderful country.

Last week we wrote about the extraordinarily odd Dali museum in Figures, Spain and now the Times (UK) has trumped us. They’ve dedicated an entire page to the Spanish artist and all the places where he lived, played and was inspired by in Spain.

Edward Owen writes about Dalí’s “beloved corner of northeast Spain” as well as his outlandish museum in Figures. Stephen Burgen highlights the artist’s wild student days in Toledo, while Graham Keeley “explores Dalí’s favorite haunts in Barcelona.”

Yes folks, it’s a Dalí love fest at the Times! So, read your fill, grab a bottle of absinthe and then head on over to every artist’s favorite Spanish speaking country–but don’t drink too much, otherwise the clocks begin to melt.