Video of Eating Spiders in Cambodia

It’s been far too long since we’ve posted about bizarre foreign street food here at Gadling and therefore I was pleased to discover a cool little video over on the Telegraph (UK) website.

Telegraph online editor Francisca Kellett was traveling through northern Cambodia when she got wind of the local specialty: fried spiders. Apparently locals took to eating spiders during the brutal Khmer Rouge regime when little food was available. Over time, this emergency sustenance has actually become a well-loved treat in Cambodia and locals merrily consume the spiders as though they are candy.

Like any travel reporter worth their salt, Kellett braved up and plucked the legs from one of these deep-fried beasts and popped it into her mouth. Crunchy and garlicky were the first words out of her mouth. But, see for yourself by clicking there. Mmm…..

(Photo by Sari78, Flickr)