Krakow the New Prague?

Back in 1991 when I first toured Poland, the city of Krakow was the only town I visited with charm that outlasted communism.

It wasn’t as charming, however, as Prague, its neighbor further south. As a result, expats looking for a cheap, bohemian lifestyle flocked to the Czech Republic and left Krakow to slowly plod on.

Fast forward to 2007 and according to an article in the New York Times, Krakow is the new Prague.

Restless souls have been looking for the new Prague since Prague itself was overrun with tourists and expats alike. Krakow just might be it. The city is now bursting with hip bars, stylish locals, tons of students, artsy neighborhoods, cool galleries, and, the most important ingredient to any bohemian lifestyle: cheap food and drink.

The bad news? British stag parties and cheap flights from London might turn your bohemian getaway into an angst ridden, disappointed-in-mankind nightmare of vomitous hell.