One for the Road: Worst-Case Scenario – The Great Outdoors

New this month from the Worst Case Scenario crew is their guide to The Great Outdoors. This comprehensive survival guide will surely come in handy on your next camping or outdoor adventure trip. It covers all the usual threats: bears, grill fires and tent pitching in the pouring rain. So fun, right? I just hope you’re lucky enough that all three of those things don’t happen to you on the same trip!

This essential carry-along covers anything and everything that could happen out there in the wild. The latest guide in this clever series includes profiles of worst-case locations and intrepid explorers, as well as charts and graphs of perilous situations. With detailed instructions on how to get out of every kind of trouble, this almanac provides maximum protection — and something spooky to read around the campfire. Basically, it will save your life and scare you silly all at the same time.