Do You Feel A Breeze? Yup, We’re Skydiving In the Nude.

Unless your goal is to get others to laugh at you, I can’t possibly imagine what thrill there could be in nude skydiving. Nevertheless, there appear to be a number of people who are not only into nude skydiving, they actually promote it by posting videos of it online. This short clip is my favorite: there’s a very funny thing going on it that red circle. Although the video probably won’t get you into trouble, there is a small (tee hee) chance this video could be NSFW.

If you’re interested, here are a few more nude skydiving clips (again, possibly NSFW), as well as some more details about how to do the sport properly. Watch out for that rip cord!

And here’s an interesting clip in which Daryl explains the pros and cons of the nude skydive this group is about to take. (If nipples are NSFW, then this clip is definitely NSFW.)

If you’re still with us, I’ve got a special treat: guess what happens to a a woman’s naked breast during free fall. It ain’t pretty, and it may not be safe for work.

Need more nude skydving tips? Check out this how-to, which addresses, at its end, a question that I would never, ever, in a million years, have thought of.