Finding the Lowest Gas Prices

Road trips used to be the cheapest form of transport to distant destinations.

With the rising price of gas these days, however, it is now actually cheaper to fly in some cases. But if the road trip is your thing and you are gung-ho to bleed through your wallet every time you pull up to a pump, then Gadling has two websites you’d better plug into your BlackBerry.

Freemobilefuelfinder and Gasbuddy both promise to help drivers locate the cheapest pump in whatever corner of America they happen to be road-tripping through. If you have a laptop and WiFi connection handy, or a PDA, simply type in your zip code and out pops a selection of pumps to chose from.

If are actually driving–as tends to be the case on a road trip–you can call Freemobilefuelfinder, punch in your zip code, and they will text you back with pump options.

I did a quick search in my neighborhood and discovered a 20 cent differential between the first and third pumps listed. Not too bad, but not exactly a windfall either.

(via Los Angeles Times)