World Nomad/LP Filmmaker Scholarship

Here’s a cool opportunity that just came across the transom (i.e. email). A company called World Nomads is looking for budding young filmmakers to make a World Nomads/Lonely Planet Travel film in Kenya. It’s a scholarship that will get you working with a fellow named Trent O’Donnell, who I have never heard of, but who, once you google him, seems quite well-accomplished.

The scholarship won’t just be playing around with cameras. You will help refurbish a remote primary school and film a short documentary about the effort. It looks, too, like you might get some sweet equipment including a Sony HDR-HC5 video camera, professional mike, headphones, and Low Pro camera bag. That stuff is apparently from the folks at Lonely Planet who are part of this whole project. In fact, the winning scholarshipee will have his film broadcast on the website, as well as through World Nomads. To apply, first you have to be a film or video or communications student at a recognized educational institution. Then, compile a 3 minute (or less) short video based around the theme of ‘Places I love to visit’. This could be compiled from previous travel video you’ve shot, pictures you’ve taken or it could even be your favorite local destination.

Applications close August 15, so get busy.

Dunno about you, but I’d do this in a heartbeat. If you want more info: go here.