Books that are Exactly as Long as your Flight

It’s a great idea, but a little late.

A company called Banda Press is publishing a series of books aimed specifically for in-flight reading. According to their website, books in the One Flight Fiction series can be finished in one to three hours –- exactly the amount of time one might spend on an airplane. Perfect! That means no more getting halfway through a regular book on a flight and then never finishing it once at home. I can’t tell you the number of books that have sadly suffered this fate when I’ve traveled.

The only problem is that this would have been a great idea five years ago when there were almost no entertainment options on board a two-hour flight. Now, passengers don’t board unless they have their portable DVD players, iPods, and Video iPods.

Yes, folks the printed page is indeed dying 30,000 feet above ground. Let’s hope Banda Press can bring it back.