The Weird Things People Eat Around the World 2

Nothing like a Beijing street market to test your gag reflexes. Yep, still works! (For you brave souls out there, here’s a video of someone eating one of those freakish black scorpions.)

Can you guess what these little buggers are? Click the photo to find out!

It’s orgasmic.

These are candied cordyceps from China. I had to use trusty Wikipedia to figure out what a cordyceps is, and it turns out it’s a type of fungi. That’s not so bad!

For shizzle. (Too easy.) Oddly enough, you can buy this stuff on Amazon.

An edible menu in a Chicago restaurant. This is cool … but I can’t imagine you’d be hungry enough to order anything off of the gigantic menu you just stuffed down your throat.

Chocolate french fries in Seattle.

Someone spotted this candy corn soda in Target.

Artichoke-flavored tea in a can.