One for the Road: The No-Nonsense Guide to Tourism

This pocket-sized softbound guide from the folks at The New Internationalist is not your typical travel book. It’s a toughie. The No-Nonsense Guide to Tourism takes a harsh look at the often invisible impacts of global tourism and challenges readers to think about some of the big picture effects that travel has on the world. It basically demystifies one of the biggest industries in the world by examining things like labor conditions, the role of travel and vacations in western cultures, and trends like the popular gap year.

In short, concise language, the book covers the history of tourism, the psychological forces that drive Westerners to travel to exotic destinations, and the economic, political and social impact of the tourism industry. Author Pamela Nowicka is a journalist and consultant who has working with organizations such as Tourism Concern, a charity that works with communities in destination countries to reduce social and environmental problems. She has written on numerous tourism and ethics subjects.