Disneyland’s Secret Restaurant

Ever since I was a kid I’ve heard stories about a secret, legendary restaurant hidden on the grounds of the Anaheim Disneyland to which only a few select people are allowed entrance.

In fact, the restaurant is so secretive that I’ve always assumed it just might be urban legend. Well, according to an LA Times article by Kimi Yoshino, it exists and it is indeed a nearly impossible place to find and get into.

Located in the New Orleans section of Disneyland behind an unmarked door, the club has just 487 members and a nine-year wait to get on the list — if you’re lucky. And then, one must pay $9,500 to become a member and annual fees of $3,175 after that. This does not cover the cost of the meal, but reservations at the restaurant (good luck finding a phone number) allow free access to the park.

Apparently the restaurant is five-star and, if I remember the legend correctly, is the only place in Disneyland that serves alcohol. It is also frequented by actors, presidents, and other celebrities, according to DisneylandClub33.com, a fan site created by Dale Mattson, one of the many hopefuls sitting somewhere on the ominous wait list.

His site has a detailed selection of photos of the restaurant which, after an entire life of wondering about this place, has now demystified it for me. It’s very strange, but now that I can actually see what it looks like, the mystery and allure is gone. Damn!


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(photo above from DisneylandClub33)