Eating Bugs in Chicago

It’s nice to learn that one doesn’t need to travel all the way to Asia to eat strange bugs. If you live in a big enough city, the bugs will come to you.

Monica Eng, a reporter for the Chicago Tribune, kindly tells us how to track down and consume little critters in the Windy City.

If you happen to be in Chicago and have a hankering for grasshoppers, meal worms, silkworm larva, or Prawns (with appendages) be sure to check out her helpful column that points you in the right direction and also provides a write-up detailing what one can expect.

She does have a basic warning, however; don’t look at what you are eating. Oh, and make sure you have toothpicks handy if you tackle the grasshoppers; apparently their appendages get stuck in your teeth.

As an added bonus, the column has a video of the intrepid reporter cracking open a can of silkworm larva and popping one into her mouth and chewing on the “crunchy exoskeleton.” Yum yum!