Circle the Globe on Budget Airlines for just $1600

With the spread of budget airlines across the globe, it’s becoming much easier and cheaper to connect them all together and circle the globe itself.

Take the example of Telegraph journalist Charles Starmer-Smith. He came up with the crazy idea of circling the globe using only budget airlines in as short amount of time as possible. The result was an eight-day, London-to-London haul that cost a mere £800 –- roughly $1600 dollars. Here is how he did it.

London to Bermuda on Zoom, £199
Bermuda to New York on JetBlue, £94
New York to Los Angeles on Southwest, £93
Los Angeles to Honolulu on Southwest, £90
Honolulu to Melbourne on Jetstar £151
Melbourne to Darwin on Virgin Blue £76
Darwin to Singapore on Tiger Airways £68
Singapore to Hong Kong on Jetstar £74
Hong Kong to London on Oasis Hong Kong £115

Wow, that is a long haul to many amazing places. Imagine spreading that out over a three month holiday! Don’t you just love budget airlines?

One bit of advice for Charles Starmer-Smith, however. Head east instead of west next time and you will add another day to your life just as Phileas Fogg did.

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