The iMuff: Listen to your iPod and Cell Phone at the Same Time

Convergence just keeps getting better and better.

Take for instance the new iMuff. This handy set of headphones does double duty. First off, the headphones act as a wireless earpiece for your iPod. Simply plug an antenna into your iPod, slip on the headphones and listen to music up to 30 feet away without a single wire connecting the two devices. This comes in handy on bike rides and other activities where you can just tuck your iPod into a daypack and not worry about it for hours.

As if this isn’t cool enough, the wireless iMuff can also connect to your Bluetooth enabled cell phone. Just drop it in the same pack as your iPod and if you get a call while grooving to your tunes rollerblading at Venice Beach, the iMuff will pause the music and give you the opportunity to answer the call directly through the headphones.

Not too shabby!

Me? I’m waiting for the cochlear implant that will do the same thing. But in the meantime, this is a pretty cool alternative.

Price: $149.99

(via Business 2.0)