Condé Nast Traveler Photo Contest

When Condé Nast Traveler’s decided to celebrate its 20th birthday, the magazine decided to do so by giving away a $20,000 trip to anywhere in the world. Of course, nothing is free in life; in order to win the trip, readers had to submit their very best travel photograph and hope that it stood out among all others submitted.

The result was 29,068 entries.

The magazine has kindly posted all 29,068 of the submitted photographs online and has kindly sorted them into categories. So if you are sitting at home bored today, and want to travel the world virtually, click on China, Greece, Sunset, Romance, People, Culture or any of the other 26 categories and start surfing away.

Oh, and click here to check out the 20 finalists. I’m sure every photographer represented can’t stop dreaming about that $20,000 vacation. My favorite? Yak Skin Boat by Paul Krynicki (above).