AAA Road Trip Tool

A road trip across America is one of the great rites of passage in life.

The best way to manage one, however, without a host of problems, is to buy yourself an AAA memberships.

For many years, the Automobile Association of America has provided numerous benefits for their relatively low membership cost – the best of which is free towing if your car breaks down. AAA is moving with the times, however, and so are their services. The company has now launched a travel web service called TripTik Travel Planner which promises to help road trippers with all their travel plans across rural America.

Simply plot out a road trip and TripTik will provide you with the following information:

-Gas station locations and prices
-Hotel information (ratings, rates, ability to book)
-Local attractions and restaurants
-AAA offices
-AAA approved auto repair shops
-Road construction information
-Business and hotels which provide discounts with an AAA card

Everything is right at your fingertips, making planning easier and your vacation more affordable. Not too bad!