New Blogs: Transitions Abroad and National Geographic Traveler

My online travels around the web have included recent stops at two new blogs from a pair of popular travel mags. First, National Geographic Traveler’s revamped Inside Traveler blog. The brand new Intelligent Travel was relaunched last month as a premier source of information on authentic and sustainable travel. As always, National Geographic will aim to inspire us to travel, and this new blog will focus on how to journey wisely, with a conscious sensitivity towards preserving our planet and its plethora of amazing places.

Next up is a brand new blog from Transitions Abroad. Launched this month, the Wide World Cafe will serve as an interactive extension of the fabulous resources that the magazine has been providing for years. Hosted by Volker Poelzl, the blog will serve as a virtual meeting place for travelers — it will provide news, commentary, personal experiences and food for thought on living, working, studying and, of course, traveling abroad! They are running a contest to mark the blog’s launch.

I look forward to reading along to see what develops in these new online communities. Stay tuned for more smart stuff from both.

(Unnecessary disclaimer and not-so-subtle plug: Yes, yes, I’ve been a contributor to both these magazines, and a big fan for a long time too!)