One for the Road: How to Travel Practically Anywhere

It’s July 2nd — summer is more than officially here. So where are you going on vacation? Spontaneous travel-types will probably just head off as the spirit moves them. But if you’re a planner currently fretting over your yet-to-be-planned summer vacation, you might welcome some extra help right about now, huh?

And here it is: How to Travel Practically Anywhere. In this “ultimate planning guide”, travel reporter Susan Stellin has effectively organized on paper answers to all those questions that clog up your brain when you first start thinking of when and how to go on vacation. Check out the table of contents: planning, booking, navigating. Stellin covers all the essential bases of the logistics of travel.

This book won’t help you decide exactly where to go — that’s ultimately up to you. But if you need assistance sorting through the tactical details of booking a hotel online, choosing the best cruise cabin or renting a car, condo or cell phone (in the U.S. or abroad), this is an excellent place to start. It’s a handy reference guide that can put your mind at ease when planning any kind of travel — business, family obligations or that all-important summer vacation! (Or fall vacation…if the tips in this book lead you to put off your trip for another season or two.) Regardless of when, where or why you go, be sure to grab a copy of this indispensable travel tool.