The Best Fourth of July Celebrations, According to Forbes

Happy Fourth of July to all you Americans out there! I hope you’re celebrating your nation’s independence with plenty of food, beer, friends and laughter. No matter where you are in the states, there’s bound to be a celebration of some sort to mark this historic day. In fact Forbes has put together a list of the best Fourth of July celebrations. Not surprisingly, the festivities at the nation’s capital top the list, but there are a few other places renowned for their talent for putting on a good Independence Day show, including:

  • Philadelphia, where the celebration goes on for a full week and includes celebrity performances and a carnival. This years special guest is Chaka Khan
  • Houston, where a mind-blowing fireworks display lights up the sky and event-goers are dazzled by a star-studded country music line-up.

To see the Fourth of July celebrations in pictures, click here.