MetaFilter Introduces TravelFilter

In the most recent MetaFilter podcast, Matt “Number 1” Haughey talked about a new addition to the MeFi lineup, TravelFilter. The site is “totally alpha,” meaning there will likely be some bugs and broken functionality, but the essence of the site exists.

All of the existing Ask Metafilter questions tagged with travel (over 3,000 of them!) were imported and hand-filtered into four basic categories: Where to Go?, Destinations, Travel Smart, and Trip Reports.

The Where to Go? category is used to ask questions if you don’t have a specific destination in mind and want to “query the hive mind.” Destinations is geared towards questions regarding a specific location, like “What is there to do in Rome?” The Travel Smart category is for general travel tips and tricks, and Trip Reports is designed to let you share your experience about a particular trip or location.

Perhaps the most unique feature is the ability to browse questions based on their specific locations. If you’re planning a trip to, say, Los Angeles, simply browse to the city’s destination page and find all the LA questions asked in the past. You can also easily navigate up a level in the breadcrumb-style navigation to view all questions directed towards California, and higher up to the United States.