Play Airport Screener Online

Most of us have never thought about the tough challenges facing those who work as airport security screeners. Imagine having to sift through baggage all day confiscating prohibited items from an ever-growing list of contraband.

I suppose there is probably a certain amount of Schadenfreude involved here, as sadistic screeners merrily strip travelers of their liquids, jells, and other personal items. But, it probably isn’t all fun and games.

With this thought in mind, Addicting Games has produced a free little web game called Airport Security in which screeners rush madly to keep up with an ever evolving, and increasingly absurd list of items which need to be confiscated from a growing list of passengers anxious to get through security. Let too many through without properly confiscated the correct goods, and you lose the game.

Okay, it’s not the most brilliant thing out there on the web, but it is worth a few minutes of your time. But only a few…