Baikal by Boat

It’s been a long time since we’ve posted about Siberia’s Lake Baikal here on Gadling and so I was therefore pleased to run across an article about my favorite lake in last Sunday’s New York Times.

Unlike prior articles, and unlike my own trip to the lake four years ago, New York Times journalist Steven Lee Myers decided to explore the deepest lake in the world in the most natural way possible; by boat.

His six day journey took him to places that only boats can reach and allowed him to discover far more of the lake than I was ever able to do. In addition, he caught fish nearly any time he wanted, got up close to the nerpas–the lake’s rare fresh water seals–and even spotted some bears.

The boat, which sleeps eight people, took Myers to remote shores in an already remote part of the world where he hiked to remote lakes, visited remote settlements, and basically indulged in a remoteness that only the beauty of Lake Baikal can provide.

Damn it! I’m jealous. Next time, I am indeed taking the boat.