Funny Stick means no more asking Strangers to Take your Photo

Sometimes new products come along that are supposed to solve a problem that some inventor recognized and then dreamed up a solution.

For example, how often do you see someone trying to take a self photo by holding their camera as far away as possible from their face and hoping for the best? Well, some bright young inventor decided to try and make some cash by solving this problem.

The Quickpod is an extendable arm–sort of like a fishing pole–that places your camera an additional 18 inches beyond your furthest reach. Simply hook the camera onto the end, set the self-timer, and then hold it out like you’re in a fencing duel.

Okay, I get the concept but I think this is a bit silly. I suppose it helps those who are too shy to ask a passerby to take a photo, but come on! How strange is your photo going to be with you holding a stick out towards the camera?