Floating Swimming Pool Spotted in Germany

Check out this floating swimming pool that was spotted on the Spree river in Berlin, Germany, where temperatures have been unseasonably warm. It’s called Badeschiff (“bathing ship”), and it’s an old barge that’s been converted into a public swimming hole. Unfortunately the Spree is much too polluted to swim in, hence the need for a floating pool.

I really like this idea, as swimming in lakes, rivers, and oceans isn’t my favorite thing in the entire world. I mean, I jump in if i have to avoid looking like a wuss for abstaining, but I’d much rather swim in a pool. It would be especially neat if the floating pool had a glass bottom, or if it was attached to a working ship so that it could be transported to different places.

During the off season, the pool is covered.

Update: As of July 4, there’s one in Brooklyn, NY.