Where on Earth (Week 16) – Lofoten Islands, Norway!

Wow. Jon nailed this week’s Where on Earth right away! I thought maybe that we would stump all of you this time around, but I was wrong.

I ran across this motley crew of fellow backpackers at a local youth hostel on Moskenes, one of the Lofoten Islands in Norway. The islands, located above the Arctic Circle are marvelous punctuations of Mother Nature, bright green and rising majestically out of the frigid ocean.

The youth hostel itself was in the tiny, windswept town of Å, which was virtually a few wooden structures and that’s about it. There wasn’t a whole lot to do here but fish (guests could borrow a small rowboat and catch arctic cod all day long) and hike.

I had the fortune of visiting during the midnight sun when the sun never set. One night about midnight, restless from 24 hours of daylight, a group of us decided to go hiking. We aimed towards one of the taller mountains on the island. Shortly after reaching the top, we sat back and watched as the sun slowly dipped toward the horizon only to pump fake us and start rising up again.

Fantastic! I’ve never seen anything quite like these magical islands and I do hope to return one day.