Gadling’s Summer Beach Post Roundup

Best Nude Beaches — Gadling blogger Willy visited a nude beach. Once. “After spending a few days at the gorgeous, trendy, topless-friendly (but ridiculously overcrowded) Clifton Beach, we decided to mix things up and head farther afield. Sandy Bay was, as promised, remote, quiet, and pristine. It was also filled with creepily bronzed, withered middle-aged men who were so evidently trying to ogle my junk that I couldn’t relax. In short, it was fun, it was different — but it was time to go.”

Keep Your Gadgets Charged on the Beach — The Juice Bag is the “world’s first heavy-duty solar beach tote.” It has an ultra-thin solar panel built into the side which harnesses the power of the sun and converts it into juice for your cellphone, digital camera, sombrero, or other gadgets you may bring to the beach to ruin with sand.

Tiny Island Nation Seeks Tourists — “Love beachside bungalows? Does the thought of few (or no) other travelers excite you? Lemme guess: you like friendly locals? If this combination sounds too good to be true, it’s not. I’ve got one word for you: Principe.”

Protect Your Electronics at the Beach — “How do you keep those electric doodads safe from sun, sand, and surf?”

5 Hidden, Affordable Beach Destinations — “The piece details five North American spots that are jam-packed with activities, food, fresh air — and beaches. Just to clarify up front: “affordable” means meals run $8-$20 and accommodation runs roughly $100 a night. Still interested?”

13 Budget Beaches — “Beaches are my favorite holiday getaways. Unfortunately, many people prize beaches, and as such, they can be expensive to get away to. Enter Concierge, which has compiled a baker’s dozen of the world’s best affordable beaches. Of course, depending on where you live, some of the destinations may cost a few pennies to reach, but with accommodation prices this low, you can afford it.”

World’s Best Active Beaches — “I love relaxing on the sand, in the sun, with a beer on one side, a dog on the other, and a magazine with lots of pictures in front of me. Occasionally, I gaze out at the paragliders and envy them their active lifestyles. Then, I take a long, slow sip of my cold drink and remember why I came to the beach. Yes… relaxing on the sand is wonderful.”