Cliff Diving/Jumping Tips from a Champion

A large part of my summer days when I was younger was spent seeking out tall objects from which to fling myself into a deep body of water.

I don’t do too much cliff jumping any more, but I still find myself looking over ledges wondering if I could make the jump and splash down safely.

The last time I was overcome with this urge was atop the old bridge in Mostar (photo to the right). I was told by the girlfriend, however, that I would be finding my own way home if I even thought about it.

For the rest of you who plan to spend at least part of your summer airborne, take a moment to jump on over to Outside Magazine where International Cliff Diving champion Dustin Webster provides a few safety pointers. I’ve included a couple of the more important ones below for all you amateurs out there:

Jump, don’t dive
Cover the family jewels
Don’t wear shoes or sandals
Leave the girlfriend at home (just kidding, honey!)