AmeriBags: Ergonomic and Useful

If you’re looking for a bag that’s like a day pack, but less cumbersome and more sleek looking try an AmeriBag. My mom bought me my first one after she became friends with the inventors and owners of the company. The bag design came about after Margery Griffin, one of the founders hurt her back. She was looking for a bag that was a healthier fit and figured that is she wanted one, she and her husband Irwin should design one.

The reason I like the Healthy Back Tote is because it’s durable but light, and I can sling it over my shoulder. When I use a daypack, I tend to use only one strap anyway. The one pictured is only one of the colors. There are several other choices.

The AmeriBag company also has a variety of smaller bags that can be used for jewelery, toiletries or wallets. There is also a collection made to carry baby paraphelia and one with sports types like cyclists in mind. If you want to go more upscale, some items come in leather. The company has expanded its offerings into duffle bags and purses as well. You can order an entire set like this Metro collection that go together.