Most Expensive Cruise Ships

After expressing my dislike for cruise ships last week, I couldn’t resist reading about the world’s most expensive ones over at Forbes Traveler.

Frankly, I was a bit surprised to learn that “expensive” cruises really aren’t all that much more per night than a very nice hotel room. Many of the cruises listed run about $600-800 per night. Of course, that price is per person, which means you’ll have to double the rate if you want to compare it to a hotel room. Nonetheless, I still imagined it would be a lot more for the World’s Most Expensive Cruises.

Just like in a hotel, one can always opt for the premium cabins that run more than $2000 per night. Ouch! And, of course, there are more expensive cruises on smaller, more intimate boats. Forbes Traveler limited their list to only those boats with 30 passengers or more.

So, does glancing through the slide show of the World’s Most Expensive Cruises change my mind about cruising? Nope. I still think there are better, more exciting ways to spend your money while on vacation. But, boy do those boats look nice!