Mahalo on How to Fly With Kids

Mahalo has been cranking out lots of travel-related how-to articles lately: how to book a cheap hotel room, book a cheap flight, successfully bid on travel, fly with pets, and their latest on how to fly with kids.

I don’t have kids, but I used to be one. I remember a trip to England with my Mom when I was 4 or 5 years old. Before we boarded our trans-Atlantic flight, I got lost in JFK airport. I can only imagine the pace at which my mother’s heart raced when she turned around to see her 4-year-old out-of-sight in one of the nation’s busiest airports. Luckily I was a smart little kid, and I wondered back to the women’s restroom where we had just came from. She found me waiting patiently inside the doorway, but by that time the airport staff had already been alerted. One of the gentleman who was in the search party gave me a NASA-branded Matchbox car to celebrate. I remember the strangest things.

One of the most useful parts to Mahalo’s guide is tips on keeping your kid entertained during the flight. Nobody likes a screaming, out-of-control kid, especially when they’re locked in the same tube as you at 35,000 feet. I usually feel bad for the parents… as long as they’re at least attempting to settle the child. It’s a weird feeling: I hate you and your child for giving me a headache, but I understand that kids are kids, they’re going to scream and cry from time to time — especially when locked in a tube at 35,000 feet. So it’s okay.

I was easy to entertain, apparently. I spent the majority of my time on that first flight to England untying and re-lacing my saddle shoes while drinking ginger ale.

Mahalo: How to Fly With Kids