Testicle Festival: Adults Only

Wednesday was the first day of the Testicle Festival. I’m wondering if it’s going on as usual, though, since there are fires blazing near Clinton, Montana where this yearly event turns this mostly quiet place into five days of whooping it up in what I would describe as all in good, but not that clean fun. As my husband said when I read him the details, “It’s not something to take the kids to.”

The festival started off on the grounds of Rock Creek Lodge with No Panty Wednesday where attendees could trade in their underwear for a free drink. Yesterday was the tattoo contest and body painting. Those might sound sort of tame, but how about today’s Ball Biting Contest ? This is not really what it sounds like–well it kind of is. Rocky Mountain oysters are involved (bull testicles). If you’re speedy on a tricycle, you can compete in the Undy 500 tricycle race or you can try your skills catching a slicked up pig. Oil wrestling, a nut eating contest and a wet T-shirt and Hairy Chest contest round out the activities that say leave your inhibitions at the gate. Along with the free wheeling frolics, the festival’s signature dish–bull testicles are served up filleted, beer-battered, and deep fried.

So why the Testicle Festival? According to the creator, Dr. Rod Lincoln, the name has a certain ring to it. The nickname, The Testy Festy is just as catchy. Somewhere between 10,000 and 15,000 people attend. I’ve read both numbers.

This is truly adults only entertainment–people under 21 are not admitted. The $15 admission cost is good for the whole thing whether you go for a few hours or everyday. Here’s a write up from Legends of America that mentions similar events, if one isn’t enough.