10 Drinks Men Should Not Order

I’m always a little dubious when someone deigns to tell me what is and what is NOT allowed when it comes to male behavior. I occasionally read magazines like Details and when I come to the “Clothes a man should never wear” articles, I always find a few things from my own closet right there on the page.

Keeping up with what’s in style costs too damn much money. Besides, yesterday’s faux pas is today’s hip new thing. But I do have to agree somewhat with a few of the drinks listed in this fun slide show admonishing males over what should NOT be ordered and consumed among alcoholic beverages.

To wit: anything blended, unless you’re on the beach. In other words, fruity drinks with little umbrellas or massive hunks of fruit tipping off of them: a no-no. I buy this. Sugary drinks like Mai Tais are just not very masculine. You’re not having dessert for goodness sakes, you’re getting hammered with friends! Beer is bitter and wine is sour and scotch packs a punch for a reason. You’re supposed to suffer just a small amount for the sinful indulgence of drinking them.

If it’s all sugary and yum-yum, you’ll drink all the time. And you’ll not only become a drunkard, you’ll be a fat drunkard from all that sugar. Or so goes my own concocted explanation for why I don’t order sugary drinks. Alas, you may find a Pina Colada nice and fulfilling. So go ahead and order one. And have a nice little plate of quiche while you’re at it.