Not the Bag to take to Kabul

As an American, I sometimes need to be conscious about keeping a low profile while traveling through less than savory lands. Kidnapping is quite the business these days, be it for financial, political, or religious gain.

And that is why I had to laugh when I saw this travel bag by Zuca.

Zuca bags are designed with a sturdy metal frame so that one can sit on their luggage while traveling–something I’ve done numerous times in train stations and airports around the world.

That idea is great. I get it. But the particular design featured in the photo above just begs for unpleasantness if you were to ever take it out of the United States. I wonder if you get a free “KIDNAP ME NOW!” t-shirt with every purchase.

To be fair to Zuca, this is not the only design they carry. But, it is the only design that American travelers interested in self-preservation might want to avoid.