Kenyan Carvers Like the Simpsons Too!

Crafty Tribes people in the remote village of Tabaka in Kisii, Kenya have found a way to cash in on a phenomenon thousands of miles away — British buyers have contracted them to produce traditional carvings which will be sold in craft stores across the UK. But while the methods are traditional, the carvings are of very un-traditional figures — everyone’s favourite dysfunctional family, The Simpsons! 12 different models in all will be produced, including this one of Marge.

Here’s the thing: The carvers hadn’t even heard of Homer and Co. before being asked to immortalize them in stone. But they’re sure to have a great first impression of the Simpson family — the carvings are earning them 6 times their regular asking rate. And with all the Simpson’s-mania that’s going on right now, I can see why.

Thanks to Marilyn at Intelligent Travel for the great tip!