Petition to Keep Flights Mobile-Free

Like it or not, mobile phones will probably be allowed on airplanes sometime in the near future.

Unless, of course, you do something about it.

And that’s exactly what the editors of the Telegraph travel section have decided to do.

Like myself, they have probably closed their eyes and imagined a plane full of people yapping on their cell phones and cringed in pain at the thought of enduring this as a captive audience.

And so, the editors have launched a petition to Keep Flights Mobile-Free.

The only problem is that the Telegraph is a UK based newspaper and their petition will be aimed at the British government only. But that’s not to say our faithful Gadling readers can spearhead their own drive in their own countries to help the cause.

The word in Britain is that the campaign is gaining steam and already has support from a number of MPs. As you might imagine, this has become a rather passionate debate pitting businessmen and others who want to make the most efficient use of their time against those who want less noise pollution on the plane.