Mobile Transformer Hotels

Festivals, fairs and other events often require lots of free space to serve as a venue. As a result, they are often held on the outskirts of town where, unfortunately, there aren’t too many hotels to house the masses who attend.

Hotelmóvil, a new Spanish company, has come up with a simple solution to this problem; bring a hotel to the masses.

Hotelmóvil is an ingeniously designed 18-wheeler which can motor up to an outdoor event, find a parking spot, and then transform into an 11 room hotel with the push of a button and a few hydraulic lifts.

Eight bedrooms reside on the bottom floor while three luxury suites, which can sleep five people each, are located on a second floor. Each room has its own bathroom, air conditioning, TV, DVD player and internet access.

Very cool! Imagine attending the Roskilde Festival in Denmark and actually having a nice place to stay instead of camping in the mud.

But, you’ll have to wait. Hotelmóvil won’t roll off the assembly lines until 2008.

(via Business 2.0, but not yet online)