Blogger Brook Silva-Braga

Introducing another new blogger at Gadling, Brook Silva-Braga…

Where was your photo taken? Varanasi, India

Where do you live now?
New York, NY

Scariest airline flown:
Not sure they had a name but it eventually went to the Virgin Islands after first stalling on the runway.

Favorite city/country/place:
Who can chose a favorite?

Most remote corner of the globe visited:
Muktinath, Nepal

Favorite guidebook series:
Don’t make me plug LP, they don’t need the help

Favorite foreign dish? Restaurant?… Masaman curry at Green Papaya in Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

Favorite travel book:
A Moveable Feast

Where would you buy a second home/retire?
St. John, USVI

Country with the most beautiful women/men:
Girls from Denmark + guys from Switzerland = unfair to the rest of us.

Brook Silva-Braga is traveling northern Europe for the month of August and reuniting with some of the people he met on the yearlong trip which was the basis of his travel documentary, A Map for Saturday. You can follow his adventure in the series, Across Northern Europe, which begins tomorrow.