What to do When Your Flight is Delayed

Flight delays are making headlines these days. If you’re traveling, chances are you’ll arrive at the airport 2 hours ahead of your flight like you’ve been told to do, only to find out you’ve got to wait even longer.

So, what to do if you’re delayed? Me, I head to the bar with People magazine and maybe an Oprah’s Book Club book. Traveling, and that includes flying, is my relaxing time, so I indulge with celebrity magazines and an easy read. Sometimes I walk the airport, trying to fit in some exercise before a long flight, or stretch out somewhere and take a snooze.

But according to a report from msnbc.com, there’s now more to airports than Hudson News, sports bars, and duty-free shops. Listening to live music tops the list of activities, with several airports offering up to four (four!) stages. Other airports are opening galleries (called “artports”) where travelers can peruse fine art away from the crowds. Finally, several airports are touting their proximity to outdoor amenities including hiking and biking trails, while El Paso International Airport recently opened its own golf course.

If air travel continues in this manner, I just might be tempted to throw down my celebrity gossip and arrive 4 hours before my flight to enjoy the finer sides of culture.