A Sport for Athletic Gluttons: Pie Racing

As far as contests go, would you be more likely to enter a bike race or a pie-eating contest? These two contests seem to be about as far apart on the health spectrum as possible. But there’s good news for all the gluttonous pie-loving bikers and bike-loving pie eaters out there — you don’t have to choose one or the other … you can do them both!

Pie racing is a fairly new event at the Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition’s annual Biking Festival. The 6.5-mile bike race has three ‘pie stops’, at which competitors race against time to try and eat a slice of pie before heading off on their merry way. Some competitors choose to furiously ram the pie down their gullet while others choose a more patient eating approach but regardless of how you eat it, you must swallow it completely before re-mounting your bike. It kind of brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘carbo-loading’, doesn’t it?

The race happens on August 25th if you’re interested. Make sure to leave your best jersey at home — the race is bound to be a bit messy.

(Via Intelligent Traveler)