Beckham Statue in Buddhist Shrine

Every culture since the dawn of man has embraced its share of idols.

Most have honored their reverent spirits by building statues, shrines, and temples to which the faithful can pilgrimage and pay their respects to the god of their choice, be it Buddha, Jesus, Zeus, or Beckham.

Beckham? David Beckham?!?!?

Yes indeed, a Buddhist temple in Bangkok has incorporated a golden sculpture of the famous soccer player into the otherwise Buddha filled interior. In case you’re wondering, Buddha is the one on the left in the photo above.

Blogger Chris Mitchell has thoughtfully sent us this little hidden gem of Bangkok. But that’s not all. In addition to capturing the great photo above, he has also provided detailed instructions on how to find the Beckham temple amongst the hundreds located in Bangkok.

This is great news for the Beckham faithful who will soon be flocking to Bangkok to prostrate, flagellate, and otherwise pay respects to the lord of soccer.

On a related note, rumors of a Posh Spice tribute at Pat Pong have not yet been confirmed.

(note: the website seems to be having some problems loading up all the photos. Hit refresh a couple of times and it should work)