Americans: The World’s 2nd Best Tourists?

In a recent poll of 1,500 European hotel managers, Americans were given the number two spot for the world’s best tourists, second only to the Japanese. “Americans were seen as the most likely to try to speak a foreign language and the most interested in sampling local food,” according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Further, U.S. tourists were ranked third for both “most polite” and “best behaved” tourists (behind the British and Japanese, and Japanese and German, respectively), and ranked first in tipping and overall spending.

Yanks did, however, fall short in a couple of categories. “Americans were seen, by an overwhelming margin, as the shabbiest dressers, the most likely to complain and the second noisiest. Who’s louder? Only the Italians.”

And sorry, France, but you were ranked as the worst tourists in the world — followed by India and China.