Animals that want to EAT YOU: Where to go to make this happen

There is something truly exciting about gazing upon a wild animal that would very much enjoy eating you whole.

Most people who have experienced this have done so from the protective comfort of a safari. There are, however, plenty of other opportunities to become one with nature. Forbes Traveler has recently come up with ten of the very best.

The World’s Most Exciting Predator Vacations takes the reader on an international journey into the dangerous feeding grounds of some very ravenous, or just pissed off, animals. Writer Joe Yogerst first debates which of Mother Nature’s killing machines are the most dangerous. Great white sharks, it turns out, are rather low on the list. African buffalo and hippos, on the other hand, seem to chomp man quite regularly.

Yogerst then takes us on a slideshow detailing where to go to see crocs, polar bears, anacondas, lions, sharks, and more. He neglects to mention, however, the most important truism when confronted by a ravenous beast: you don’t have to be a fast runner; you just have to be faster than your slowest friend.

By the way, the photo above was taken by Gadling’s own, Willy “shark bait” Volk who recently smeared himself with pig blood and went skinny dipping with the big boys.