Mile-High Laptop Etiquette

First cell phones, now laptops.

When you’re in tight quarters, is it okay to read the spreadsheet of the passenger next to you? What about watching that R-rated movie when there’s children nearby? And what to do about more shocking incidences, like the man hunched over his X-rated flick, or the child who doesn’t use headphones?

As there’s no current rules set for in-flight laptop etiquette, these questions are up for debate.

While manufacturers are making bigger screens, they’re also lengthening battery lives, which means more visibility for a longer time. Furthermore, laptops are becoming more and more affordable, which in turns means more passengers toting them aboard.

As with any flight disruption, flight attendants mediating between laptop abusers and laptop snoopers either move passengers to a different seat or help them come to a mutual agreement.

One solution for those who’d like to keep their financial spreadsheets private but can’t stand a few hours away from their accounts is a filter for their screen. These sell for about $50 to $125 and keep anyone but the person directly in front of the computer from viewing it.

Or, they could try not using their computer for any “business” they might not want anyone else to see.

[via USA Today]