TSA Website Estimates length of Security Line at your Local Airport

If you’re one of those gate runners who is always sprinting frantically to catch your flight here in the United States, you may want to spend a moment over at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) website.

Although the TSA are the ones who are usually holding us up in long security lines, they are also the ones who have a pretty good idea how long it takes to get through theses very lines.

Since security wait times vary drastically depending upon how many knuckle heads in front of you are packing prohibited liquids, the folks at TSA have nicely organized average wait times according to airport, terminal, day of week, and time of day. Simply find your departure airport, plug in your time, and a list of average wait times based upon the prior four weeks of activity will pop up.

Now you can get to the airport just a little bit later and still make your flight–although I wouldn’t advise it.