Sleeping in Airports — “Beds” for Budget Travelers

We’ve written about the expanding options for airport shut-eye, but I’d like to offer one more resource: the website Sleeping in Airports.This website has an entry for pretty much every airport in the world.

I once landed after midnight in Athens and had a 7 a.m. ferry to catch. A train to the port left at 6 a.m., so it didn’t make sense to pay for an airport hotel when I’d be there less than 5 hours. I checked out Sleeping in Airports, which advised me to stay on the baggage claim side of customs — the chairs past customs had armrests, which is only good for comfortable sleeping if you’re a yoga master who can fold yourself up like origami.

After claiming my backpack, I debated whether or not to trust the website. The baggage claim was bright and noisy, with a dinging announcement every time a new flight arrived. But if I passed customs, there was no turning back. I decided to trust the website, and stretched out under the fluorescent lighting of baggage claim. I barely woke up to catch my train, but I did groggily notice the arm-rested chairs after I passed through customs.

If you’ve got a long layover or a late landing time, check out their website to see if you should forgo the expensive nap. And when your trip is over, add your tips to the website. Travelers like me appreciate it.

Coming soon: Sleeping in Train Stations (definitely not as pleasant as airports).