It’s Official. Heathrow is Shabby and Slow.

Not only is Heathrow one of the world’s drabbest airports, it also has more flight delays than any other major airport in Europe. According to statistics from the Association of European Airlines, from April to June one flight in three left Heathrow at least than 15 minutes late, with many flights departing at least than half an hour late.

The most efficient airport was Brussels where the well-organised Belgians ensured only 15.5% of flights were delayed. Further east in Cyprus, the laid back crew at Lanarca airport had 27.6% of flights delayed, but with a massive 55 minutes average waiting time.

My own personal best (worst?) was a couple of hours waiting at Panama City’s domestic gateway, Marcos A. Gelabert Airport for a flight to the San Blas islands off Panama’s Caribbean coast. The official reason given was poor weather, but I’m still adamant the flight crew were waiting for the 2006 Champions League Final between Arsenal and Barcelona to finish. When extra time was required we were never going to leave on time.

News via the and thanks to d’n’c on Flickr for the photo of my least favourite London bed and breakfast.

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